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A unique vision, a unique brokerage

ATC brokers Ltd is a premier brokerage firm providing online trading solutions within the foreign exchange industry to clients ranging from retail to institutional traders. We believe that the foreign exchange market should be transparent and unbiased for all market participants and with that vision, we have established a pure agency model to provide our clients with services that are free of manipulation.

Our offerings eliminates conflict of interest to our clients and provides for a neutral trading environment.
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Our regulatory authority.

ATC brokers Ltd is established in the Cayman Islands and is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). CIMA aims to protect consumers by placing rules and regulations to set high standards and protocols for firms to conduct their business within the financial industry.

About the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA)

CIMA regulates the financial services industry in the Cayman Islands. They aim to protect and enhance the reputation of the Cayman Islands as an International Financial Centre by fully utilising a team of highly skilled professionals and current technology, to carry out appropriate, effective and efficient supervision and regulation in accordance with relevant international standards and by maintaining a stable currency, including the prudent management of the currency reserve.

For additional information please visit the CIMA website.

Safety and protection of funds.

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) mandates firms to conduct their business under strict regulations. ATC brokers Ltd is obligated to segregate the money that private clients deposit in order to prevent the use of client funds by the firm for its own account. ATC brokers Ltd ensures that additional measures are taken to guarantee clients money is held in a separate account away from any accounts belonging to the firm. In the unlikely event of a default, the segregation of clients funds will return the money to the clients rather than be treated as a recoverable asset by general creditors of ATC brokers Ltd.

Our banking institution.

We utilise one of the top tier banks in the world for our firms account custodian services. As a solid financial partner, National Westminster Bank provides an assurance of integrity in the banking spectrum.

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