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Insight on trading overview.

Learn forex trading with the helpful guides we have for both beginners and experienced traders alike. These cover everything from the very basics of what forex trading is, to information about our trading platforms, broker services and a lot more. Whether you are starting out and want to make sure you learn forex trading the right way, or are an experienced trader considering using ATC Brokers but want a greater understanding of how our MT4 Mobile app works, all such information and more is available here.

Begin with our two introductory guides to forex and CFDs. These both explain what the two different types of trading are, giving a clear and concise rundown of how trading forex and CFDs work, terminology and techniques to use, the advantages of both and how to get started. We also have a few guides that detail different types of strategies, such as day trading, for when you feel confident to start or adapt your existing strategy and try something new.

Information about different trading tools including forex charts, a demo account and the popular MT4 platform are also available to help you learn. Forex trading involves using all these tools effectively to implement a successful strategy, so it is important you understand how to use them properly. If you are looking to diversify then we also have guides to trading commodities, such as metals. Plus, there is information about using an ECN broker, the benefits this offers to traders and how to open an account. Discover all the guides we have available that will help you learn forex trading tips, tricks and other essential information below.